Report a shipping problem

Please contact us if your order:


  • – was not delivered on time
  • – shows “delivered” when you track it, but you have not received it
  • – was damaged in shipping



If you encounter any delivery issues, please contact us at to:

  • – Locate your package as soon as possible. If your package is missing, please check around your delivery location, and report any missing packages to our customer service department immediately.
  • – Please inspect your package right way (open shipping/retail boxes to inspect their contents), before signing for the delivery. Do not assume the item is undamaged because the packaging does not show signs of damage. Do not sign for or accept delivery of any packages that are visibly damaged without first inspecting their contents. If the merchandise appears to be damaged, please refuse delivery of the item and notify our customer service department immediately.
  • – In the event you have signed for a shipment and you subsequently find there to be damage that was concealed by the packaging, do not throw away the packing materials or cartons or there will be no basis for a claim to file on your behalf. Concealed damage is damage that occurred either at the factory or during shipment that is not obvious without removing the packaging. If you discover concealed damage, stop unwrapping or unpacking the shipment and notify our customer service department immediately.

If an item is missing from your order, please follow the below steps:

  • – If there is more than one package in your order, make sure they have all been delivered.
  • – Carefully check the packing material (smaller items may be hidden).
  • – If you can’t find the item, please contact us within 7 days of delivery. (Shipping time does not start counting until after your order ships out.)

If you intend to refuse delivery, please contact us beforehand so that we can make sure you are refunded in a timely manner.

  • – Refused shipments are treated as a regular return (2-5 business days to process upon arrival)
  • – Not all shipments can be refused. Please check with us for options before refusing delivery

After we receive your return, we will need to inspect and process the contents. How long this takes depends on the kind of item being returned and the testing required.

  • – Standard => 2-5 business days
  • – PC, laptop => 7-10 business days

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